Resilience: n. having an ability to recover relatively quickly from difficult personal consequences

An appropriate personal attitude, an ability to overcome personal mistakes and problems, and resourcefulness in getting help from researched useful knowledge and assistance from others is basically what creates a resilient human who can relatively quickly recover from difficult personal consequences.

A basically optimistic attitude, selfcontrol, selfesteem, and confidence, accepting and adjusting to one’s weaknesses and mostly using one’s strengths, a recognition or selfawareness of one’s and other’s emotional states all constitute an appropriate personal attitude.

An ability to set and choose to pursue realistic goals, having realistic expectations, an ability to gather relevant information or selfeducate, avoiding some serious problems with forethought and advance planning, a financial reserve or insurance for emergencies, and an ability to discuss and think about problems rather than argue about them will all help in learning from your mistakes and help problem solving.

Finally knowing how to selfeducate or use search engines to get relevant information and knowing what humans to consult or get help from on a relevant topic or situation will usually provide the knowledge and assistance necessary to get one out of bad circumstances in a reasonable period of time.

Of course you can ask- how do you develop selfcontrol and problem solving abilities? The answer is selfeducation and/or experience in disciplining oneself and knowledge about problem solving techniques or experience in solving problems. Resilience is not something that we are born with but is something which we usually acquire through the experience of confronting problems and solving them and making mistakes and then correcting them or learning from them so that the same mistakes are not repeated again in the future.

You can live and learn mostly through experience but the smarter ones amongst us learn from the historical experience of others who have confronted similar problems in their lives and solved them or have advice on how to avoid similar problems in the first place. Yes, it greatly helps if you have resilient role models to learn from.

Many humans are not very resilient and get out of their problematic circumstances sooner or often later, but a resilient human will get out of a bad circumstance relatively quickly.

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