Selfmotivation: n. having the confindence and desire to pursue a goal(s) largely because it seems doable and worthwhile and often necessary

Whether it is in the workplace, in school, or at home a selfmotivated human is preferable to one that constantly has to be told what to do and has to be meticulously supervised to get the task(s) done properly.

Too many of us do things trying to avoid failure rather than doing things because we are striving for success at pursuing a goal(s). To be selfmotivated you have to have confidence and in many cases this is gotten by successful experience in setting, pursuing, and achieving goals in the past. The second key to selfmotivation is actually having a desire to do a goal(s) once you have chosen one. Confidence and desire go hand in hand but two other important factors which are present are a feeling or belief that the goal(s) is doable and that it is worthwhile to do.

What makes a goal worthwhile can be that it helps someone in a significant way such as a customer who is made happy or a family member who is grateful for your input. Worthwhile goal(s) often help the community and/or world in some way and also help you often with financial and/or social rewards.

Some goals are necessary to do and are often daily responsibilities such as cleaning the house, doing laundry, mowing the grass, doing a household repair, taking offspring to school, etc. These responsibilities may not be very rewarding personally and may seem like drudgery to some but doing them is vital for the relatively smooth operation of your life and troublesome if not fulfilled in an orderly way.

In business a very important organizational structure, especially in innovative businesses, is selfmotivated teams where the skilled employees in many specialty areas work together to reach assigned goals pretty much at their own pace. These teams often get the work done in less time than it would take if the managers were supervising the teamwork and set rigid deadlines and micro managed to too great an extent.

Nowhere is selfmotivation more important than in education where selfmotivated teams of students are assigned work to do with only occasional input by the teachers themselves if the team is deadlocked on a topic. Yes, there are usually team leaders who are the brightest in the team and these serve as excellent role models for the other students and the result is a positive synergistic learning environment.

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