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First of all there is a big difference in knowing the purpose of your life in it’s entirety and knowing what the purpose of your life is in the here and now. The answer to the first purpose can be a philosophical one but the answer to the second is a practical here and now answer.

You may feel that the purpose or goal of your whole life is to help others, to lead a moral life, to make a lot of money, to change the world for the better, to obey a religious text, to survive, etc.

In the here and now your purpose or goal is to work at a job, eat and drink, have fun, lead a married life, live off of welfare, survive financially, work or study to become a hair dresser, electrician, lawyer, doctor, politician, etc.

If your purpose in life helps the needs or wants of other humans and makes them feel happy and secure then chances are that you also will benefit financially, socially, and maybe even spiritually. If your purpose in life is to make yourself happy at the expense of others then that is a possible purpose but not a very laudable selfish one.

What you are doing now is a purpose or goal and what you would like to do or love to do is sometimes a future goal or purpose. Since our life is in constant change for the most part your specific purposes or goals in life change as you age. General purposes such as living a moral life, socially interacting well, trying to conserve wilderness and wildlife, trying to make the world more peaceful, etc. are purposes which you may have an entire lifetime and dedicate some of your time, effort, and money trying to make the general purposes come true in the long duration.

Do you bemoan the fact that your life seems to have no purpose and the very thought depresses you? Think in terms of short range purposes or goals and long range purposes or goals and you will find that your life has plenty of purpose and that you can come up with more purposes or goals if you so desire! You’re not physically dead yet although you may feel mentally dead. For the mentally dead start reading some useful information and make that one of the here and now purposes in your life for a better life in the long duration!

You may be unhappy with your present job or career, unhappy with yourself, unhappy with your friends, unhappy with your marriage, unhappy with your lonely life, etc. If that is the case then train for or land a better job or career, improve yourself with useful selfeducation, find better friends to associate with, get a divorce, volunteer to do community service, etc.

If your life doesn’t seem to have good purposes or goals then change your purposes or goals. Yes, change is difficult and takes courage, dedication, and persistence so don’t be too surprised if you chose the easy way out and choose to continue your “purposeless” life or more accurately your old bad habits! Yes, a major key to happiness is changing to new and better habits and reducing or eliminating your old bad habits. It’s that simple yet hard to do. Best wishes. Uldis

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