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It is easier to view one example of laziness in an individual and stereotype him or her as being lazy. It is easier to view an obese individual and automatically assume that they are gluttonous or an over eater. It is much easier to label an individual Asian or American or European and make stereotypical assumptions about their behavior characteristics.

It is very easy to view one example of hate speech, a gay putdown, a racist remark, a put down of a female and label or stereotype that human as a radical right wing extremist, a homophobe, a Nazi, or a misogynist or woman hater. In most cases humans are imperfect beings and make some mistakes in their speech and communications with others. It is called a slip of the tongue which may have been acceptable speech in the past but is suddenly not politically correct to say today. Too many humans get censored in the media for politically incorrect remarks and it is tragic since on the whole most of the condemned humans are law abiding relatively honest moral humans with good intentions.

Stereotyping is an us or we versus you all mentality where the assumption is that us or we have all the truth, morality, and good sense and you all are untruthful, immoral, and without good sense. The establishment or legacy media is biased in this way and stereotypes individuals and events and attacks them based on these stereotypes and not the actual relevant facts of an event and it’s participants.

Not focusing on actual facts or misrepresenting facts to fit your political agenda is group think at it’s worse and does not seem to be getting any better as major media corporations join in to please the in crowd advocating unreasonable censorship which tries to censor entire categories of views. Left wing views are supposedly good and right wing views bad. The truth is that both political views have some truth to them and there is truth to be found in both the right and the left wing and the best solution is the proper synthesis of opposing views with a common consistent morality good for the individual and good for the collective or group. Yes, the proper approach is to agree to disagree and live and let live if it is a moral lifestyle.

What is the tragedy? It is a tragedy to look for quick fixes and to attack the NRA all of it’s members and every law abiding gun owner and claim that it is their fault that a mass shooting occurred somewhere in the United States. Blaming an immoral act on one organization or thousands of law abiding citizens is not only unjust but a big lie and doesn’t even come close to addressing the real problem which is immoral and sometimes mentally ill individuals whom society has often tolerated for a very long time without addressing the problem which is a purely personal moral one.

The long duration solution is to indoctrinate young impressionable minds with a secular moral code which preaches in non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. If the majority of the population shares a common morality then the nation will in general be relatively secure and interactions between most humans will be peaceful ones. Let immorality prosper and not punish it adequately and the security and peaceful interactions are soon lost.

A final note. There is such a phenomenon as copycat killers so giving inordinate attention or media time to serial killings and sensationalizing the events is the wrong thing to do, especially for unknown immoral individuals who decide that they want their 15 minutes of infamy broadcast worldwide, even at the expense of their own lives.

Yes, there must be some censorship in society and laws must exist which promote and reward moral behavior and punish immoral behavior. The real tragedy occurs when society tries to censor entire groups of humans most of which behave morally in society and censor based on inaccurate stereotypes or labels which are forced on individuals or entire groups of individuals.

Maybe it is time to punish serial killers who are still alive with cruel and unusual punishment and broadcast the punishment worldwide? From a pragmatic point of view, this may actually work to repulse other future or potential criminals from the heinous act of serial killing.

I want to end on an optimistic note and hope that eventually a secular moral code will be taught to all impressionable minds in elementary school along with proper behavior norms. The vacuum created by an absence of religious morality shared by the community must be replaced sooner or later with a common secular morality which most can believe in or society will disintegrate into chaos followed by tyranny sooner or later. A mostly moral society is necessary for the long duration survival of a civilized society anywhere in the world.

We all would ideally like swift solutions to the problems of society. Unfortunately the real solution to most human problems is the long duration institution of a common agreed to morality which is far from being a quick fix solution.

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