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Fact: neither are we born biologically equal nor are we raised in equal environments.

Biologically we are born with unequal looks which plastic surgery can sometimes improve, we are born with unequal health, we are born with unequal memorization ability and differing information processing abilities which are reflected in differing IQ’s, about half the population is male and the rest female, and the traits and abilities follow a bell shaped statistical curve with a small percentage at the very bottom and a relatively small percentage at the top.

Although smart hard work, integrity, dependability, competence, friendliness, a useful education, and good communication skills are a great asset those that make it to leadership positions in professions, the successful ones are often the attractive ones with excellent memories, high IQ’s, moral families, and financially responsible lifestyles.

You can be biologically handicapped at birth but add to this a bad environment such as bad nutrition, bad or immoral parents, bad role models, a bad neighborhood, a useless education, bad friends, bad addictions, and no realistic plans for the future and all of these factors will keep you at the bottom of the human inequality scale.

While healthy school nutrition, quality useful interactive audio visual computer education, motivational teachers, and a moral education should theoretically increase the odds in your favor, if you return to an abusive immoral home environment plagued with bad nutrition, bad parenting or no parenting, bad role models, addictive habits, and financially irresponsible lifestyles, your chances of escaping this dysfunctional environment are minimal.

When the odds are against you biologically and at home, a healthy smart educational environment is your only potential salvation. Schools should provide healthy organic food and drink, useful interactive audio visual computer education adjusted to your speed of learning, a personal exercise or fitness routine, morally responsible teachers who are paid more if they have mathematical and technological knowledge, and a year round educational experience with no extended vacations.

Students should be permitted to learn at their own pace and graduate before the age of 18 if they pass all the educational requirements. A quality education is the goal and simple essential courses such as budgeting your money, being able to read and type, and living a moral drug free responsible life should be priority number one. Yes, life isn’t fair but a good useful education can make a significant difference if you add to it a personal desire and determination to improve yourself mentally and physically.

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