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It is not too astounding that Trump is right about the crisis immigration situation in need of just laws and enforcement, right about the lopsided trade favoring many allies, China, and some foreign countries, right about the severe bias and even fake news of the left wing establishment media press, right about North Korea’s nuclear weapon’s threat, right about the do nothing stalemate of establishment Democrats and Republicans, generally right on gun use or control, right in wanting to reduce the oppressive size of government, etc.

Unfortunately, Trump is not very good at understanding the details involved in passing actual legislative laws and the details of foreign diplomacy and is not very willing to spend time learning the details and evaluating the opinions and facts of opposing views. Trump seems to be a talking president and not one that does a lot of serious thinking or analysis before he makes comments or decisions. He is an impulsive seat of the pants talker who gets easily offended and fights back with a vengeance.

His authoritative top down command tendencies and incredible balls and ego make it seem that he feels that he is a know it all who needs no advice or consultation on many issues. He is not one that inspires trust and loyalty from those who work under him and he is frankly not a typical politician skilled in the art of persuasion.

Even though his gut ideas and many statements are often valid he lacks loyal troops or political assistants who can effectively promote his desired policies and transform them into law. Trump is sometimes inconsistent in his demands or proclamations and sometimes leaves his supporters wondering how serious he is on some issues since he deviates from a pure dogmatic stance on some issues from time to time and seems unpredictable. Many times it seems that he is one man alone fighting against the old dysfunctional political, celebrity, and media establishment and that is why there is still some support among the rank and file common American.

Trump knows the value of publicity whether good or bad and has established himself as a larger than life individual who definitely has name recognition worldwide. Unless there is a stock market crash and the economy tanks, Trump will probably win reelection in 2020. In the meantime, try to enjoy the tumultuous political roller coaster ride while it lasts. The bureaucracy without all the supposedly needed leaders at the top is rolling along quite nicely and it is just proof that the president is merely a figurehead without much political control. Big money is still making most of the political decisions no matter what the president wants or says.

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