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Ann Curry makes a plea for a return to truthful journalism in an era of big money corporate control over the establishment media and internet. Establishment media is incredibly biased and opinionated and often uses dubious statistical results and opinion polls to back up their propaganda which has existed for years and is mostly left wing biased. Advertising revenue and viewing statistics largely determine what is presented to the public and the ultimate result is that the information keeps you ignorant and uninformed on facts but is rich in politically correct ideology.

To put it bluntly, most media is no longer trusted and restoring that trust will have to take many years of truthful reporting or the establishment media will never be trusted again.

The only way to restore credible journalism is to support credible internet media with your monetary donations or subscriptions and promote alternate truthful media or websites with tens of thousands of subscribers.

The truth is not popular and is either right or wrong and if you pursue it then you will probably soon begin to call yourself an independent who agrees with the truth that the left and right have to offer or the best truth that the conservative and liberal have to offer.

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