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The historical tabloid press was and still is a sensationalized form of current events information replete with seemingly unbelievable statements, events, and deceptive pronouncements designed to impulsively promote a buying gullible customer who wants their emotions titillated.

Today the establishment media is following in the footsteps of the tabloids and becoming more sensational and raunchier by the month. Investigative reporting and a factual reporting of current events is becoming a dying art and is being largely replaced by blatant biased opinions and editorials often accented with insults, put downs, name calling, humiliation, and ridicule of humans with opposing opinions.

Brief sometimes shocking sound bites and talking heads repeating their communal ideology is dominant in the mass media today and their listeners and viewers are decreasing in number as each human retreats into their isolated social media, cellphone world.

How long will this form of unprincipled malicious verbal combat and censorship be tolerated? Since news is increasingly a popularity contest with viewer statistics having a dominant influence, the answer is that abusive verbal combat will last as long as the public does not become bored stiff with the crappy repetitious disinformation or propaganda being published and broadcast.

The masses have always been partial to comforting lies rather than the truth so hoping that comforting lies will diminish in the future is highly unlikely. It seems that the artificial intelligence bots are becoming more intelligent than even human debaters so I see salvation in censorship by media software bots who will eventually tell humans what to say and eventually what to think.

Of course the humans in control of these bots will ultimately determine the  information inputted into the information processing system so some form of censoring ideology will have to exist and it will be human determined to some extent. If you input trashy information into a software program then your output will also be trashy information so some reliable human or computer algorithm is necessary to exclude the unreliable garbage information from being inputted.

To regain and maintain some degree of trust in the reporting of news, important questions to ask and answer are- How factual is the information? How trustworthy is the author or source of the information? Has the trustworthiness lasted many years? What is the goal of the article? What are the reputable sources and information which seems to back up the purpose or goal  of the article or presentation? Will this information be promoted via podcast, video, or written format and where will it appear?

Note: the objective purpose of any communication should be to promote the truth about factual information but the reality is that ideology often plays a dominant role in the communication and reality is often misrepresented to fit a politically correct mold. Effective useful communication means that the facts are truthful and the communicator is trusted as somewhat of an expert in his or her field of expertise.

An alternative media with anti monopolistic information censorship and ideology has arisen and is doing rather well but it will probably never become what used to be the establishment media and widely respected by the average human. Once trust in the establishment media is lost it is almost an impossible task to get it back any time soon.

It takes more aggressive searching to find and use alternative media but thankfully it is still there and surviving if not thriving. As long as someone is permitted to exercise moral free speech on the internet and present opposing views in a civilized manner, I see no great need to panic and believe that all media is just going to become and stay a biased cesspool of censored unprincipled politics, news, and general information.

The European Union is already censoring free alternative media so please support free alternative media with your money because the same fate may befall the United States alternative media in the not too distant future.

Some sense of order will probably arise out of the current chaos so promote with your money all the sources which you feel are as truthful as is reasonably possible.

Bots can also be stupid or malicious and try to trap you in an isolated echo chamber of information which you like rather than also expose you to information which you should know about to be truly informed. Media bots whose main purpose is to make money try to keep you satisfied with the world which you like or agree with so historical brainwashing by bots this time will continue into the foreseeable future.

Artificial intelligence is becoming smarter than the average human so bots will rule the media of the future to a very large extent.

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