To compete globally in order of priority you need- water, food, clothing, tools for agriculture & town life, shelter, sanitation, useful education, health services, cheap energy, electronic communication, natural resources, roads and rail or transportation, river or ocean access, climate, relatively just court system and politicians, and an enlightened constitution.


Most advanced countries capable of competing on a global scale have the above priorities in abundance and can plan for and afford a safety net or welfare program for the marginally employed, the destitute and also unemployed, and can push for more gender equality and ethnic or diversity tolerance. Human rights are more probable in an advanced country than in a desperately poor one where the enforcing courts and police forces are a sham and have no real interest in human rights.


When you start at the bottom then you don’t have abundant clean water,

ongoing agriculture does not produce enough reliable food,

basic agricultural tools are expensive,

shelter is marginal,

sanitation in towns and cities is bad,

useful education is very substandard or nonexistent,

modern health services are absent,

there is no cheap energy in the form of gasoline, coal, or hydroelectric power, electronic communication is minimal,

there is a scarcity of developed natural resources or there is a dearth of natural resources,

transportation is primitive,

there is no cheap reliable river or ocean access, especially in landlocked nations,

the climate is either too dry or too wet for economical agriculture,

the court system and politicians are corrupt,

and lip service is given to an enlightened constitution if there is one in the first place.


Basically if you are barely surviving on a daily basis then you don’t have enough money to invest in modern efficient sustainable technology, invest in modern moral technological education, and invest in vital infrastructure which is vital to a prosperous modern country. Ultimately if you don’t have a source of cheap energy in the country then you are doomed economically and will never be able to compete globally and sustainably support a large population.



If you are a poor landlocked nation invest in birth control, social security which is the reason most poor humans have offspring, and migration out of the country.


If you don’t do this all foreign aid will just go into the hands of the wealthy corrupt few and any attempts at building up the nation will just result in further irreversible degradation of the environment and even worse conditions for most of the humans in the long duration.


The earth is a limited resource and anything other than a decrease in population means a worse worldwide environment. Destroy a healthy environment in an irreversible way and you doom the health and existence of future generations.


Efficient solar energy panels may bring modern civilization and educational opportunities to the remotest parts of the world via satellite transmissions so there is some hope for future educational and financially sustainable development in the not too distant future, especially in primitive cultures or very poor countries.


Any future foreign aid should be solar panels, led lights, and smart cellphones as a start. Whether this donated technology will be distributed justly to the very poor is debatable. Whether the very poor will be able to responsibly maintain this advanced equipment is also debatable.

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