Don’t attack a human’s character but focus on attacking the argument and/or opinion (ad hominem). Don’t ridicule, name call, put down, insult, and humiliate a human hoping that you can dominate the discussion or argument with this uncalled for intimidating and often rude aggression.

Don’t misrepresent and/or exaggerate a human’s argument and/or opinion to make it easier to attack (straw man).

Discuss or argue a position based on factual premises and don’t beg unfactual positions.

Avoid assuming that all preceding events are actual causes of subsequent events if there is no logical correspondence.

Sometimes admit that there can be more than one cause of an event.

Don’t assume that ignorance makes a claim true or false or a combination of both.

Don’t put the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt on the human that is questioning your claim.

Don’t make causal claims that one follows the other if there is no logical or historical assumed correspondence.

Don’t assume that subjective popularity of a point of view is always proof beyond a reasonable doubt that it is objectively true.

Don’t just use one example or a small number and assume that it has general applicability to many effects, causes, or situations or don’t generalize too quickly.

Ask for a definition of a word that you don’t understand the meaning of fully. If no definition is forthcoming then you can challenge the inappropriate usage of the word. Vague definitions imply uncertain validity and possible falsehood or error.

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