In the Meuller investigation the FBI will have to prove with audio and/or written visual evidence that Trump willfully ordered or demanded his associates or Russian operatives to commit fraud or a criminal action.

The willful order or demand that private Hillary or DNC emails and information or voter information should be hacked illegally is an order or demand of an intentional criminal act. An order for Russian operatives to start a media propaganda campaign against the Democrats could also be considered a criminal action or international collusion which isn’t even a crime defined by national criminal statutes.

Ricoh statutes for organized crime apply nationally and there is no way Ricoh could be used for Russian money laundering cases, tax evasion, etc. if the Russian government does not cooperate and not enforce these same criminal acts. It is possible that Trump historically did some money laundering or tax evasion in the United States and that could be prosecuted for, especially when he leaves the presidency. However, for national crimes he would have to be convicted with a trial by jury after the end of his presidency.

Even the trustworthiness of FBI associates has come into question lately largely because of political bias and the Meuller investigation has been tainted with some disclosures of biased evidence.

Constitutional impeachment for treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors is possible but the house will have to impeach and the senate try the impeachment. The midterm elections will determine if even this is a remote possibility when and if the Democrats regain control of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Could Trump be convicted of fraud such as libel or slander? Probably not while he is president since he has not libeled or slandered any private individuals but mostly public figures, although it could conceivably be called misconduct not befitting a president.

Finally only one way proof of facts is possible in the Russian investigation since the Russians are not credible witnesses and their statements would not hold up in court because their intentions and most actions couldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In effect, any statement made by a Russian official could be considered a lie or untruth and many of their actions an intent to defraud.


If there is no audio and/or visual proof of criminal activity, then there will be no prosecution or even conviction of Trump despite his tirade of verbal abuse in the form of insults, put downs, name calling, humiliation, and ridicule.

The establishment media and the political establishment would probably like nothing better than to see the downfall of Trump, their nemesis, but as far as I can read between the lines the motivation to stick it to Trump seems to be a deep state attempt at overthrowing his legally elected presidency.

Willful obstruction of justice which caused the downfall of Nixon may be tried on Trump but there would still be serious doubt whether the obstruction claims were from willful intent or just executive incompetence of Trump, a political neophyte.

I don’t like making political predictions based on hearsay and innuendo but it seems that it is highly probable that Trump will escape the Russian probe unscathed in the long duration without any concrete evidence of wrongdoing or a criminal act being offered. Proving an international conspiracy is not something the national legal system could prosecute successfully since this is the domain of the UN international court system.

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