The constitution of the United States guarantees free speech but the reality is that in the extremes of free speech you have profanity, insults, name calling, put downs, humiliation, ridicule, lies, appeals to violence and fundamentally libelous and slanderous remarks. The expression of free speech has become too chaotic and undisciplined and frankly immoral in the form of fake information and news or in effect published lies or untruths.


In the early days of the republic most had a moral training from religion and the educational system. Most published writers and readers of the articles and books where relatively literate compared to the rest of the population and had a sense of what right and wrong was as far as communication was concerned. Today with an anything goes philosophy as far as free speech is concerned, free speech is now getting out of control to the detriment of the fabric of civil discourse publically and privately.


The leaders of tomorrow are no longer getting good moral training in the educational system. Instead there is primarily an emphasis on ideological purity or politically correct thinking and the ultimate result is and will be immoral leaders and followers and oppressive censorship of the internet or a tyranny of the mind and also body. Who can you trust if the leadership no longer has integrity and can’t serve as moral role models for the led? Yes, lying information and news must be censored but the leadership must also censor itself and expunge corrupt lying, stealing, deceptive leaders and humans from their ranks. Whether it is possible to create a moral leadership from a corrupt immoral one without a moral revival in the nation is debatable.


I am still optimistic about the future and have written extensively on a secular moral code which should be taught to all impressionable minds worldwide and have proposed educational reforms, welfare reforms, and constitutional reforms. I also have composed a logical English dictionary which should greatly reduce human emotional irrationality in the world. I am pessimistic about the destruction of biodiversity which is vital for future generations but fortunately I won’t live long enough to experience the radical extinctions which I foresee.


The globalists don’t really care what happens to any one nation and will rule the world with their financial clout no matter how much any individual nations will suffer. That said every future aspiring globalist should read my books and articles since I too am philosophically a globalist interested in improving humanity and conserving and even expanding wilderness real estate.

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