Listen and only interrupt if it is getting too boring, then try to change the subject.

Speak without accusing unless it is an important transgression.

Give advice and aid where appropriate but do so judiciously.

Answer in discussion mode without arguing.

Share where appropriate but don’t be pretentious.

Enjoy without complaining.

Trust and only waver if you sense intentional deception or lying.

Forgive minor transgressions without resorting to punishment, unless the transgression is an immoral one.

Promise by fulfilling the obligation and don’t forget.

Encourage and support good behavior and worthwhile goals.

Support with empathy and optimism when one has had a bad day.

Care about problems which pop up and try to do something constructive if possible.

Be careful what you say and do when you are very angry and if there seems to be no immediate solution to a problem, postpone a discussion for a later time.

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