Intelligence: n. possessing the ability to memorize and process much information but it is not frequently a measure of how smart you are in life


Generally defined intelligence is having an ability to memorize and process much information whether it is video, audio, or other sensing information or a combination of all three. It is basically the ability to remember and process all inputted stimuli or sensing information. That said you can categorize this into 9 intelligence types as Howard Gardner did. I added a 10th bonus intelligence type.


Naturalist Intelligence:

It is basically an ability to survive in the wild with great detail ability about the environment of plants, animals, clouds, land, and water.


Musical Intelligence:

This is basically audio intelligence coupled with a skill at playing an instrument.


Logical Math Intelligence:

This is basically the ability to manipulate abstract symbols such as equations and use logical inductive and deductive reasoning.


Existential Intelligence:

This form of intelligence is debatable as a distinct form of intelligence since philosophizing is just a form of word or verbal manipulation or Linguistic Intelligence with some degree of logical inductive and deductive reasoning.


Interpersonal Intelligence:

This is really emotional intelligence which is good communication skills with concentration on reading the emotions of another and basic empathy.


Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence:

This is really good muscle memory or to be well coordinated and liking motion.


Linguistic Intelligence:

This is the ability to notice subtle differences in word meanings and have a knowledge of many words and word combinations or in effect having a good memory for language and languages and being fluent in them.


Intra-personal Intelligence:

These humans understand their own feelings and thoughts and are good at selfmotivation to achieve personal goals in life. You could say that these are humans with ambition, courage, and determination who are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.


Spatial Intelligence:

These humans are good at making and interpreting 2d and 3d images.


Taste and Smell Intelligence:

This is really a 10th category of intelligence which master chefs and wine tasters have in abundance. It is basically an ability to tell the difference between good and bad tastes and smells and identify taste and smell combinations. Verbal ability is also essential to describe in detail what they are tasting and smelling.

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