There is a general adage that states that a healthy mother usually results in healthy offspring. Not only do good genetics play a role in a healthy offspring but also the healthy or unhealthy habits of the mother.

A mother who drinks alcohol heavily, takes drugs, smokes, has a bad diet, and doesn’t get much exercise during pregnancy can all adversely affect the health of offspring. Only relatively recently is statistical evidence mounting that the gut microbiome or gut bacteria have a significant role to play in the health of the offspring as well as the mother.

There is scientific evidence that vaginal births are preferable to cesarean section births because of the healthy effect of vaginal microbes on offspring. That breast milk is preferable to formula milk is an established fact. Breast milk results in offspring with fewer allergies, food sensitivity, and a better immune system for the offspring.

A good gut microbiome is not only important for the offspring but also for a maturing adult. Adults who have taken large doses of antibiotics and antibiotics in general have unhealthier microbiomes which take a long time to recover if they recover at all. The kind of food that you ingest also has a great effect on the microbiome of the adult and offspring.

Malnutrition or a bad diet severely affects the health of offspring. Eating overly processed food, too much sugar, food laced with unnatural chemicals, and not having enough variety in the diet can adversely affect the microbiome of an adult. Also if you eat organic then the probability that you will be healthier in the long duration increases.

Statistically it has been shown that transplanting feces from a healthy donor into an unhealthy gut microbiome of a patient can sometimes cure some chronic diseases, autoimmune problems, obesity, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and even diabetes.

In aging adults there is a greater variety of microbes in the gut and this is sometimes an indication of more fragile health. Studies still have to be made to conclusively show that introducing the youthful healthy microbiome of a 20 year old into the gut microbiome of an elderly adult has beneficial results but that seems to be a high probability of being so.

Prebiotics or food which is not digestible such as fiber can ferment in the gut and produce some vitamins and it promotes good gut health. Probiotics or actual healthy gut bacteria can be introduced into the gut in capsule form to promote a healthier gut microbiome.

You are what you eat and drink is more scientifically valid than ever before because it means that if you eat healthy with as much organic food as possible then your gut microbiome will be healthier in the long duration.

If you want greater detail on the gut microbiome then research it yourself or read a good book on the subject.

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