Figure skater Alexei Yagudin (a manly role model men’s figure skater)

Some ignorant humans may feel that men’s figure skating is for gays or men with little testosterone making them rather effeminate.

The truth is that the real reason that tall masculine muscular males do not make good single men’s figure skaters is the laws of physics. To do a quad or four rotations in the air before landing on the ice you have to be fast and agile like a thin cheetah not a muscular big lion.

If you are rather short and thin then you can rotate 4 times in the air and not injure yourself severely if you fall. If you are muscular or massive and tall then it is almost impossible to rotate 4 times in the air and not injure yourself when you accidentally fall due to the added angular momentum and corresponding greater impact or force upon falling.

Thus the new figure skating rules based on technical merit favor the agile rather short and thin skater and not the manly muscular tall high body weight male.

My son was a figure skater in his youth and he injured his back on a serious fall from which he never fully recovered. His greater body weight and 6 foot height made him tire more quickly than other thin hyper skaters and made it physically challenging for him to compete at a fast pace. He landed a triple axel at his prime but unfortunately he was a muscular tall lion and not an agile quick thin cheetah.

Yes, my son is a heterosexual male and frankly he often felt like a sore thumb in the predominantly gay male skating community.

So if you are not ignorant and now know the physical facts it is no wonder that great manly male role model skaters like Alexei Yagudin are now a wonderful historical thing of the past. Until the skating federation changes the standards or rules for excellent male figure skating, especially the quad jumps, I see no immediate return of the manly male figure skater, except perhaps in current pairs skating where physical strength is a must to toss a rotating female in the air and catch her.

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