When the internet started out there was optimal freedom and it seems that you could even call it the days of the Wild Wild West. It seemed that anyone could join, create a website, and get lots of free information from it such as pictures, music, videos, and articles. Plagiarism was rampant and intellectual property was stolen on a regular basis.

Then the shit hit the fan and immoral behavior soon lead to unscrupulous malicious humans or hackers and bots infecting computers with malware, viruses, Trojans, pop up ads, and phishing scams. Today online scams continue along with an abundance of fake information, fake news, and much abusive language. Hackers invade business and government websites and get much customer information such as passwords, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and other relatively private information.

To try to exclude online criminals from stealing your information there are attempts at verifying valid users and using sophisticated encryption techniques to safeguard your information. Big tech is trying to censor the information that is available to you and doing so with algorithms which try to censor out “disreputable” users, websites, and those with radical or conservative political views.

Unfortunately computer algorithms are not good at censoring satire and comedy routines so many users are censored for no good reason whatsoever and there is often no ability to appeal the censorship and get your grievances redressed.

Money is the bottom line and many websites are now charging customers to use them or post articles. Information too is being sold and not given as freely. Marketing your information is becoming mission impossible unless you have a huge advertising budget. So the internet is favoring the rich and powerful organizations and if you are a creative individual composing useful information to publish, the chances are minimal that you will quickly get a boatload of interested followers or customers on the internet.

The internet is imprisoning individuals into small groups of mostly humans that you know and if you want to reach a wider audience then the odds are stacked against you. The rich and famous can get their message across but if you are a nobody starting off, you will probably not succeed in promoting your message to an audience larger than your immediate group of friends.

The truth is that to have a smoothly functioning internet you really have to admit moral humans and try to exclude the immoral or criminal types and no computer algorithm is capable of doing so reliably. The situation is so bad and distrust so great that information is no longer being shared across websites such as wordpress.com, minds.com, Facebook, and Reddit to some extent. Private website information seldom flows freely to other websites and search engines such as Google in the encrypted mode no longer post images originating from your private website.

It seems that Google no longer wants to trust you and your information if you are not rich and powerful. Major websites try to deplatform you if you are considered too controversial. If you are a website promoting free speech and expression then big money transfer organizations such as Paypal etc. will censor you and stop serving you. If you are rich and powerful then you get to the front of the line. If you have little money then it is almost guaranteed that you will be censored or discriminated against.

In principle the internet information that you get should be reliable and trustworthy. In reality that means that what you often get is fake news from rich establishment organizations and advertisements from rich companies with money clout. The internet is very poor at separating fact from fiction so just censorship with fair treatment for all is simply out of the question, especially if bots are doing the censorship.

An open source internet is quickly becoming a closed internet for the rich and powerful who are feeding you their propaganda whether you like it or not. A tyrannical internet is becoming a reality and not so much because of free speech running amok but because of fake speech and fake information trying to break into every nook and cranny of the internet. Will you be able to someday trust internet information? Not as long as internet bots do the censoring and the rich and powerful are given preferential treatment.

Solution? Patronize the websites which you consider trustworthy with your money and stay away from websites which try to screw you out of money or try to deceptively get your private information, as best you can.

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