Unit 2: Historical Documents and the U.S. Constitution.

I have compiled a list of what I think is a sane rational political view which will benefit most in a nation and world and is the best governing system which you can realistically hope for.


Guns for all law abiding citizens without felony records or convictions.

Capitalism for the employed and socialism for the destitute and also unemployed.

Constitutionalism subject to structural amendments such as eliminating state bureaucracies and only having the House of Representatives with additional local rights currently reserved for the states.

Environmentalism but no climate change laws since the change is solar caused and not human caused.

The right to choose especially in financial and health emergencies. An unwanted child is not something which should be forced on anyone.

Gay rights but no special treatment of transgender oddballs. Heterosexual, moral, financially responsible childless families should be given preference in all adoptions.

A secular moral code taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary public schools.

War to defend allies if attacked and war in self defense.

Censorship of immoral and criminal behavior.

Closed borders with relatively liberal legal immigration to fill job demands, especially in specialized and high technology fields.

Freedom for organized religion as long as it is not Sharia law which runs counter to the constitution, especially bad if the religion tries to enforce oppressive patriarchal rules.

Relatively small efficient government.

Enforcement of drug laws which will minimize the harm to children from mind altering legal and illegal adult drug use.

Social security for retired citizens and those with severe disabilities or handicaps.

Strategic free trade so that a nation does not become vulnerable to cyber or military warfare or blackmail.

Efficient robotization of work where possible.

Conservation and expansion of wilderness with wildlife.



Communism or Government tyranny.

Special interest laws or loopholes, especially for big money individuals, big corporations, and big organizations.

Progressive taxes that are not a uniform fixed percentage for all.

Taxation of organic farming and sustainable non polluting businesses both of which should be untaxed.

Inheritance tax.

The death penalty.

Gender discrimination in general unless it is very demanding physical strength ability or extreme athletic physical ability mostly reserved for males.


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