The above article in is truly scary on deep-fake-technology. Read it all.

Fake news is bad enough but what if that fake news was doctored audio video images of someone doing or saying things that they DIDN’T do or say. Yes, not outside the realm of possibility is a fake yet realistic image and audio of you murdering your spouse or killing someone that you hate. An incredible believable frame up!

“Consider these terrifying possibilities,” they posited:

• Fake videos could feature public officials taking bribes, uttering racial epithets, or engaging in adultery;
• Politicians and other government officials could appear in locations where they were not, saying or doing horrific things that they did not;
• Fake videos could place them in meetings with spies or criminals, launching public outrage, criminal investigations, or both;
• Soldiers could be shown murdering innocent civilians in a war zone, precipitating waves of violence and even strategic harms to a war effort;
• A deep fake might falsely depict a white police officer shooting an unarmed black man while shouting racial epithets;
• A fake audio clip might “reveal” criminal behavior by a candidate on the eve of an election;
• A fake video might portray an Israeli official doing or saying something so inflammatory as to cause riots in neighboring countries, potentially disrupting diplomatic ties or even motivating a wave of violence;
• False audio might convincingly depict US officials privately “admitting” a plan to commit this or that outrage overseas, exquisitely timed to disrupt an important diplomatic initiative; and,
• A fake video might depict emergency officials “announcing” an impending missile strike on Los Angeles or an emergent pandemic in New York, provoking panic and worse.

The above is just a short list of all the frame ups which could be possible and I am sure the list is probably endless and incredibly terrifying. When evidence is so compelling yet fake who will trust audio video crime evidence gathered at the scene of the crime? Our jury system may be in peril since humans will no longer believe in audio visual evidence produced in court!

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