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If the US leaves Afghanistan then obviously the Taliban will take over and some form of Sharia law will rule supreme. That is not good news for women who want more equal rights with men but a return to dogmatic religious rule may not be a bad thing in the long run.

With US forces in Afghanistan and US money much of the population has been corrupted with things like cars, cellphones, and a slightly better education. Just like in Vietnam when the communists took over, they eventually became less aggressive militarily and did not succeed in spreading their dominance over to neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

When and if the Taliban take over it will probably mean a mass exodus of rich and technologically sophisticated Afghans from the country. Places like Pakistan may be overwhelmed with a refugee problem from Afghanistan or humans who have tasted a little bit of freedom and fear persecution by the Taliban.

In the long run Russia is no longer a threat and the mineral wealth of Afghanistan will be exploited by other nations and perhaps even the US. I see no long duration negative outcomes from the US leaving Afghanistan and letting the primitive Muslim religion take over and make the government a religious and physical Tyranny. What little western influence there has been will continue in some form and gradually Afghanistan will become more civilized in the long duration since its neighbors are all more technologically advanced and this will impact the social structure in Afghanistan.

Ultimately the Afghans are nationalists and it is high time that they once again become a united nation under the rule of the Taliban. Enough US meddling in the country which has been costing the US an arm and a leg which realistically the US can no longer afford.

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