There is a lifeboat which can only hold 7 humans without sinking and there are 30 humans to be saved. What would you do? It all depends on who is being saved and under what circumstances.

If the water was ice cold and I was the captain with authority then I would save the children first followed by the youngest women and then the youngest men and seven lives would be saved.

If the water was warm children and young women would have the first priority but I would make them undress and tie a dress, shirt or pants together to form a rope. There would only be about 5 in the lifeboat holding on to the clothes rope permitting another 10 to be saved by holding on to the clothes rope outside the lifeboat. 15 lives would be saved.

Theoretically if all thirty undressed and made at least 15 ropes long enough to tie to the boat then all thirty could survive by being in the water with no one on board with 2 holding on to each clothes rope. So theoretically all 30 could be saved as long as they did not tire of holding on to the rope.

Yes, to solve the problem you have to know Archimedes principle of buoyancy and a little ingenuity with a clothes rope.

It is World War II and you are in a concentration camp and the guard says choose which of your two children will get gassed. If you don’t choose one then both your children will get gassed.

This is a very cruel and serious terminal situation and chances are great that all three of you will die eventually so it really doesn’t matter what you do or say but you could perhaps try to reason with the ruthless guard and offer him something that he may like.

If you are a female then you could say if you don’t gas either child then I will have sex with you. If you are a male then you could say I will suck your dick and give you a massage three times a day if you don’t gas my children. Trying to change the subject or an offer of sex or some humor could remotely get you out of the dilemma for a while. This topic is cruel and unusual with no realistically good choice or solution in real life.

Just like most fantasized highly improbable moral dilemmas, the third and last moral dilemma is really a highly improbable one with a realistically zero probability of happening or maybe a one in a trillion chance of happening. There are two of you stranded on an island and both terminally ill with an antibiotic which can save only one life. What would you do?

I would probably split the antibiotic in half and give one to myself and the other half to the other party. However, let’s be realistic. How do you know that you are both terminally ill with something without a diagnosis from a doctor? How do you know that the antibiotic will cure just one of you without a doctor’s advice? If you are stranded on an island then you will probably both die of starvation sooner or later. So in conclusion I don’t think this is really a realistic moral choice at all.

If there truly was a realistic moral choice the question really is- would you save yourself or a buddy or perhaps a stranger? I would probably save myself first unless it was my child or wife who would have first priority.


I have read many other moral dilemmas which are frankly so hypothetical and improbable that they are not worth considering because it is the realm of improbable fantasy.

One more final example of a supposed moral dilemma.

You are a judge who is going to sentence a criminal for murder. Suddenly you find out that your children have been kidnapped and the kidnappers threaten to kill your children if you find the murderer guilty. What would you do?

Well I would call the FBI to capture the kidnappers if possible and delay the sentence for another time until the kidnappers were apprehended. This example is not a moral dilemma but rather a question of legal criminal procedures or extortion.

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