There are many preposterous concepts and theories which will probably never be proven in theoretical physics and the sooner we eliminate the BS the more logical and rational physics will become.

Here are some concepts and theories which just don’t make any logical sense and it is primarily due the heavy reliance on mathematics which creates illogical singularities when applied to real life and it is fundamentally a result of not understanding the meaning of zero or nothing and infinity or never ending.

The big bang is the biggest myth or lie which has the following unanswered questions-

What existed before the big bang creation and how was infinite energy concentrated at a singular point in space before the big bang?

Why was the universe so hot at its inception?

Why is the universe so uniform on a large scale with constant background radiation in whatever direction we look? This seems to suggest a somewhat homogeneous universe which has always existed in some form on a very large scale.

Why did the universe start out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion that

separates models that recollapse from those that go on expanding forever, that

even now, ten thousand million years later, it is still expanding at nearly the

critical rate? If the rate of expansion one second after the big bang had been

smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the universe

would have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size. (excerpt from Stephen Hawkins -A Brief History of Time)

Despite the fact that the universe is so uniform and homogeneous on a large scale,

it contains local irregularities, such as stars and galaxies. These are thought to

have developed from small differences in the density of the early universe from

one region to another. What was the origin of these density fluctuations? (excerpt from Stephen Hawkins -A Brief History of Time)

Theoretically the expansion of the universe is actually increasing or accelerating. What is the origin of the repulsive source which is forcing the universe to accelerate? This leads one to suspect that the universe is not expanding at all but that assumptions about the speed of light being constant as it travels throughout the universe may be wrong and that the universe is not really expanding at all. The red shift may merely be different light velocities or a decrease in velocity which is observed as light travels over a spatial difference which theoretically may also be an amount of dark or unknown matter.

In physics you need a source and a force to accelerate an object. What is the location of the source? Is it at the center of the universe which is pushing  and accelerating the universe or is the source outside the universe pulling it outward?

The Hubble telescope has proven that turbulence exists in the universe which violates general relativity assumptions on a universal scale but rather suggests that local parts of the universe are always mixing together and colliding and forming new galaxies, stars, and planets.

There are about a hundred locations in the universe that we can see which have a blue shift so either the stars are moving towards the earth or the speed of light coming from them is faster than the speed of light on earth.

All the above unanswered questions make it highly unlikely that the universe had a creation origin but more likely the universe has just existed forever and will exist forever in infinite space even though galaxies, suns, and planets may undergo birth (creation) and death cycles within the infinite universe. I could go on about the stupidity of or mythological theories such as bubble universes and worm holes but I will leave that to another blog article.

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