22 updated new quotes on parenting by Uldis Sprogis:

Every offspring needs and deserves good parents but all parents do not need nor deserve offspring.

Offspring are great imitators so give them something great to imitate.

Your offspring will eventually follow your example and will only follow your advice if they respect you so be an example worthy of respect.

If you raise offspring who value their INTEGRITY then you have succeeded as a parent.

Never do for offspring what they can do themselves.

Bad parenting creates assholes and immoral behavior.

Smart and wise parents prepare their offspring to live on their own.

Offspring rebel against parental behavior because they have incomplete understanding, sense injustice in parental behavior, are motivated by peer pressure, or have selfish motives.

Disciplining your offspring to assume personal moral, household, and social responsibilities is the purpose of proper discipline.

As soon as offspring are smart enough but not tall enough, provide them with a sturdy stool to stand on and assign them responsible tasks such as personal hygiene, cleaning chores, organizing chores, food shopping, and food preparation.

A shared strong morality with integrity and mutual responsible parenting usually results in marital harmony and moral responsible offspring.

Nothing succeeds in giving offspring a sense of security more than parents who respect one another and behave affectionately.

Always remember that a marriage is not just between a male and female, it also includes the offspring.

Most of skillful careful parenting is being able to nurture and protect your offspring but not overprotect them from the real world and make them dependent on parents too long.

Parenting is morally conditional behavior. If it weren’t then offspring would be lying, stealing, cheating, and fighting at will and parents would be powerless to stop them no matter how much unconditional love they exhibited.

History repeats itself because aggressive, selfish, emotional, violence prone human nature is inherited from generation to generation. Each time offspring challenge parental tradition with rebellious attitudes which makes for a tumultuous society always trying to remain civilized and eternally fighting immorality and human vice.

Family morality or a dysfunctional lifestyle is passed on to offspring which is why being as good a role model parent as possible is so important. You should seriously consider foregoing offspring if you will be a dysfunctional role model parent or don’t really want the responsibility of raising offspring.

Understand that if a woman is financially independent before you marry then she wants and needs your loyalty, loving, devotion, emotional support, and parenting skills more than your money because she can survive financially on her own.

Most marriages are transitions from independent living to responsible parenting which many fear because of a reduction in personal freedom and the added burden of supporting offspring financially and emotionally.

Theoretically the economic purpose of successful parenting and education should be to create independent economic units from dependent ones in the long duration. Realistically even adult economic units are increasingly becoming dependent on the government because the economic system can no longer guarantee lifetime employment for all who want to work but lack ever more complex work skills needed in the workplace.

The strength of a nation originates from the moral integrity and financial responsibility of the family unit.

Destroy a moral financially responsible independent family unit and you have destroyed a free nation.

Elusive but necessary is finding the right balance between the pursuit of future goals and fulfilling present responsibilities.

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