The basic reason that the budget is not being balanced is because the government keeps finding excuses to spend more without making the bureaucracy more efficient and world trade is such that the US is making very little that the world needs.

Money is borrowed:

to pay for military spending overseas,

to pay for entitlements such as social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obama Care, and other government welfare programs whose expenses are growing yearly,

to pay for an excess of imports from abroad,

to pay for emergency situations such as hurricane, tornado, flood damage, and bailing out banks and businesses too big to fail when finances crash causing a severe recession.

The other reasons that the budget is not being balanced is that the economy is tanking with

robotization and technology eliminating jobs,

cheaper products are being imported from overseas and bankrupting businesses,

poor health due to bad quality food and expensive pills with more expensive side effects pills,

family breakdown with less children due to excessive promiscuity and low income,

poorer health due to polluted junk food with artificial chemicals,

poorer health due to pills with expensive drug side effects which need further pills,

cheap illegal alien workforce further stressing community welfare programs,

opioids and excessive drug use, and

outdated education training for jobs which will no longer exist.

So it seems that we are on an ever increasing downward spiral of debt on into the foreseeable future and ignorant politicians are just calling for more spending on health care, infra structure, welfare, etc.

International banks and corporations are ruling the world and it seems that the future of the United States is just going to be another country struggling to financially survive in a financially ruthless world.

It’s nice to end on a positive note so since health is the most important thing for humans I would advocate a switch to organic farming as soon as possible and eliminating taxation of organic food growing, organic restaurants, and food processing of organic food. If you eat healthy, get enough exercise, sleep enough, then you should be prepared for any work that you may be capable of doing.

Technology is proving that brains are more important than brawn so I would recommend a very liberal immigration policy for educated professionals from any country in the world.

Maybe once the United States is run by healthy smart humans again, things will begin to improve again.

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