So what has the United States to look forward to? I think it is a further decline into chaos resulting from moral decay which will only end in some form of ideological and actual tyranny to restore some semblance of order in society.

A democratic republic is not dead yet but polarization and an inability for Congress to reach consensus on many important issues has deadlocked the government into inaction. Executive actions to try and do something reasonable is being hampered in the courts and points to a stalemate or an inability to get things done such as the border crisis of illegal immigrants into the country.

Trumps amateur mercurial authoritarian style of leadership is not working very well in practice and there even is no consensus within the Democratic or the Republican parties themselves. Wherever you look there are serious problems.

A growing deficit, increasing healthcare costs, jobs lost to automation, a growing welfare class which includes many illegal immigrants, family breakdown, unfavorable trade balances, a dysfunctional educational system not adequately training for technological jobs, educational loan debt, and crumbling infrastructure all need more money to keep going and tax revenue is just not increasing.

More free health care, free education, and a guaranteed basic national income are the only new solutions which are being offered which all cost more money and really mean higher taxes. The quality of health care, the quality of education, and the quality of the workforce is lousy and no amount of money thrown at the problems will solve the poor health, bad education, and lazy ignorant workforce.

Yes, eating organic food with less sugar and toxic chemicals added could improve the health of pill popping Americans in the long duration. More technological education and getting teenagers to start working in their teens to develop a work ethic is a possible long duration solution but no one is proposing legal and financial incentives to bring about this desperately needed change. Throw more money at a problem which needs a solution first is no way to improve a bad situation which will only get worse with time. It seems the smart humans with real solutions and integrity are out to lunch and the lousy status quo reigns supreme.

Moral decay has resulted in much less trust in government, in politicians, in celebrities, the media, in the leadership of the deep state, and in the court system which includes the constitution. A sensationalist tabloid media and an ignorant amateur politician president have created a circus like atmosphere where it seems any crazy or deviant ideas and actions are televised for all to see.

Human reputations are destroyed at will with insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, and humiliation. There seems to be no one in leadership positions with integrity intact but almost all have been mercilessly assaulted with slanderous and even libelous remarks which are grievances not redressed because it is the public domain where deceptions and lies are flourishing without prosecution.

Politics without a secular moral code to guide it is a circus of immorality which can only end in some form of tyranny to restore some semblance of order out of the chaos. A common consensus on moral principles is necessary for a nation to thrive. Without that moral consensus a well ordered peaceful society degenerates into immoral chaos.

Yes, it is time to include a secular moral code into the constitution and indoctrinate all impressionable young minds with it so that teenagers impulsively know what is right or wrong, moral or immoral. Eventually those moral teenagers will grow up to be politicians and leaders with integrity which is what our current crop of politicians and many leaders severely lack.

What is a secular moral code which every human with integrity can agree on almost anywhere in the world?

In non emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. If you want the details then read my book Secular Moral Code on Amazon.

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