Politics has always been boring for me and I am almost sorry that I tuned in to it on an almost daily basis after the miraculous election of Trump. I never have liked politicians since I always knew that they sold their souls to the highest bidder. Up until the Trump presidency there was at least a semblance of some order on a daily basis and I just viewed politics as a rather mundane excursion into dysfunctional government.

With the election of Trump politics has been turned into a theater of the absurd. Absurd to spend over 2 years and about 35 million to prove there was no collusion or treason with Russia and absurd to continue the drama with subpoenas of individuals and subpoenas for information without probable cause of any stated criminal activity. This is just tantamount to a never ending harassing fishing expedition. A congressional oversight committee has been turned into a harassment committee delusionally hoping to uncover high crimes and misdemeanors but not having the slightest clue which high crimes they are talking about.

Yes, Trump is an embarrassing amateur politician with good intentions but relative incompetence when it comes to substantive follow through on the good intentions. But is that any reason to vehemently oppose anything that he says or tries to do just because you basically hate his guts?  He does have the guts of a fighter even though you can sometimes say that he doesn’t fight fair and can throw around political mud with the best of them!

The almost 20 Democratic candidates for president are also mostly absurd 3 old farts and the rest relative newbies with minimal executive experience. All of the candidates are cannibalizing each other and no one really has that much charisma. I am so disappointed that I am tempted to turn off the theater of the absurd and only return back on about election day in 2020.

Will any progress be made in the next year and a half? I sincerely doubt it and it will probably be the same old BS up until election day.

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