Ideologically the establishment media seems to have a monopoly on the news and academia but fewer and fewer are reading newspapers and magazines and fewer and fewer are viewing cable news and TV in general. Even though on the surface it seems scary that opposing views, especially conservative ones, are being greatly censored the actual impact of establishment media on the public is on a rapid decline. The actual viewership of hour programs on a daily basis is often less than 1% of the population of the United States.

Humans are simply bored with repetitive pablum that repeats itself every hour and every day with the same boring themes. Investigative reporting and impartial analysis of newsworthy topics is practically nonexistent. Polls are unreliable and frankly they don’t change much from week to week or for that matter from year to year.

The establishment media which has tried sensational tabloid press techniques for over 2 years is in a downward slide both economically and viewership wise. They frankly don’t know what to do to attract new customers who are more involved with personal social media and texting on mundane topics. It can factually be stated that mass media for all practical purposes is dead and the ability to influence the minds of potential and existent customers in a massive way is no longer possible nor will it be possible in the near future.

The internet started to democratize information access to the point where the great freedom resulted in plagiarized music, movies, books, news, and pictures. So much freedom also resulted in hacked websites, scam artists, company clientele info stolen, etc. to the point where fake information, fake news, and fake reviews began to dim the line between truth and fiction so that few really fully trust the internet and media in the modern age.

Big tech which is interested in the bottom line gave priority exposure to big money corporations and big money media but it’s attempts at censorship to a large extent are futile and just makes the internet less interesting to surf.

I point this all out to make a very general statement and that is that trust in the media, in politicians, in celebrities, in academia, in leaders of the deep state, and elsewhere has suffered a severe blow. Once trust is lost and deception and lying have become the norm then regaining that trust is a long arduous task which has a large probability of not succeeding. Once trust is lost your reputation and integrity is in the gutter. It is almost impossible to regain a good reputation again.

In conclusion, the establishment media only seems to have a monopoly on news and information but the real impact on the public is small and decreasing with each passing day. The traditional establishment mass media could form a consensus of opinion and brainwash the public to go along. Those days of the power to influence most minds is declining fast.

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