The internet and technology opened the door to worldwide communications and made information from almost unlimited sources to become available. The long duration result was an atomized existence for most humans pursuing their own interests, wanting instant gratification, and not being brainwashed by a dominant media with just one basic cultural agenda.

More articles and books are published on a yearly basis than ever before but fewer and fewer humans are spending their time reading them. The traditional half hour or hour programs on radio and TV are fast losing their appeal as humans more and more want their information in short sound and video bytes and are quick to change channels, shows, or videos if they can’t maintain their interest.

The net result is a loss in cultural traditions and shared opinions on many things. Traditional moral values are being assaulted and immorality is on the rise. Almost nothing is sacred anymore and deviant lifestyles run rampant destroying family life and social cohesion. Trust in the leadership is at an all time low and relatively few leaders remain with impeccable reputations.

A descent into social chaos is occurring and almost no one has a solution on how to prevent the destructive forces and emerge with an effective antidote or solutions to the increasing problems of addictions to bad behavior and drugs.

The fundamental problem is a moral corruption which the left leaning academia, celebrities, media, and even deep state are trying to cure with a left wing ideology and censorship of opposing views which exacerbates the problem and doesn’t really cure the dysfunctional morality and lifestyles. Left wing propaganda not guided by reason, morality, and just legal traditions will not work in the long run and has to be enforced by coercive means and oppressive censorship.

Is there room for optimistic views about the future? Yes, smart robots and smart interactive audio visual software will eventually teach young offspring a commonly believed secular moral code and by the age of about 13 most will know what is impulsively right or wrong to do. A useful education which includes math and basic scientific principles will be taught to everyone who puts in the time and effort to learn to the best of their ability and the rest will be destined to live on welfare with free useful education available to all who want to rejoin the workforce and become contributing members of society. The amount of welfare given will be directly proportional to the amount of useful education which they have learned even if they remain unemployed.

We can have a moral nation or world where ability and effort will be rewarded and if you chose not to participate in usefully educating yourself further for free then you will exist for the rest of your life on a safety net of minimal welfare support, and probably without a family.

What is this secular moral code? In non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Call this social proposal a dystopian or utopian world but it is the most just social order imaginable for all practical purposes in a future world ruled by a technological elite with most of the population effectively unemployed for a lifetime.

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