The problem with all government run services is gross inefficiency in the long duration. Especially problematic is government run healthcare where questions of life and death are involved. Healthcare for all quickly translates into bad healthcare for all with a lot more pain and suffering for patients. It is not surprising that many who can afford to leave the country in search of better and cheaper healthcare alternatives leaving the rest of the population to suffer with substandard care.

Instead of doctor appointments made in a day or week most appointments are scheduled from a month to more. Emergency response times instead of being not more than 15 minutes can take as long as 4 hours. Assembly line doctor care is frequent as doctors depend on high turnover and short visits to make money. A lot of unnecessary tests, procedures, and drugs are prescribed instead of an emphasis on preventative care and judicious diagnosing. There is a shortage of doctors who feel underpaid and overworked so fewer enter the profession. There is less money and incentives for medical research and new discoveries become rarer.

So is there a solution that is tolerable for bad forced medical care for all? A hybrid medical care system is more practical and cost effective. There should be quality care for all those who can afford the medical insurance and private hospitals who take care of those patients.

The rest of the population will have to settle for substandard care in government run hospitals with budgetary constraints. Yes, few doctors will want to work in government facilities so the standards for doctors practicing there will have to be drastically reduced and special educational facilities will have to be created to train enough minimally qualified family physicians and specialists.

If you have enough saved up money then you could still go to get high quality medical care from appropriate facilities in the country and not have to go abroad to get that quality care.

The health care system would fundamentally follow the principle-you get the care that you can afford. Whether this is a viable political solution is debatable but life isn’t fair and you should be responsible enough to save up some money for medical emergencies as a wage earning adult. Don’t be responsible about your health care and you suffer the consequences. This is fair and just even though some would consider it rather a cruel solution.

Most really just need catastrophic medical insurance for very expensive medical procedures which would bankrupt them and the unfortunate ones have preexisting conditions which the government health care could cover.

You ultimately can’t force quality highly trained physicians to work for substandard government health care so it is best to have both quality and quantity physicians in a nation.

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