Trump is a maverick with an authoritarian, egotistical, overt or blatant, and impulsive leadership style badly suited to traditional politics with civil, consensus seeking, compromise oriented, openness to lobbying, and coordinating style of leadership.

He seems to prefer yes men and women and is not very good at selecting highly qualified political bureaucrats who also are willing to put into action his rather mercurial demands or orders. In effect, Trump seems to largely be a one man operation rather than a cohesive team effort in whatever he tries to do in the office of the presidency.

Trump is an unorthodox politician who is basically a one man operation being hated by most of academia, celebrities, Democrats, establishment media, and the leadership of the deep state.

One may even falsely conclude that he is hated by the globalists or the international banks and corporations but I disagree. Once Trump loses the presidency and the Democrats come back into power the left wing globalist ideology will continue to flourish with a vengeance and the authoritarian style started by Trump will assert itself with a vengeance only with the Democrats making all the power moves towards socialism and the further decline of the United States as a powerful economic global force.

The globalists want nothing better than weak national governments that they can control politically and force them to do their bidding as they centralize their money clout into fewer and fewer hands internationally.

If you think that Trump’s authoritarian style of leadership threatens the Democratic Republican constitutional government just wait until the Democrats start ruling in the same authoritarian style of leadership. It won’t be a pretty sight and the constitution will eventually be transformed beyond recognition or become highly impotent to stop the inevitable Democrat left wing ideological power grab.

While Trump is the president, the political chaos doesn’t bother me a bit. But once Trump’s presidency ends and the Democrats or ruling elite take over with their globalist left wing ideology, I fear that they will begin ruling with an iron fist and impose their socially disruptive laws on the nation which will then never recover from their stupidity.

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