Portrait of a extended happy family standing in the park.

Responsible financial living, a commonly held morality, and good family role models are the most important indicators of a potentially happy lasting two parent marriage.

Financially about half of Americans get some form of welfare money assistance, many college graduates are badly prepared with inadequate job skills and are burdened with great money debt when they graduate, a large percentage of families are living paycheck to paycheck or are in great personal money debt, and often rich offspring used to an easy dependent life know how to spend money but are not financially smart enough to function on a budget and make more than they spend.

Credit cards, inflation and paltry interest on savings accounts discourages savings for a rainy day, and advertising encourages profligate spending making many teeter on the border of bankruptcy during most of their adult lives. They don’t know how to invest in a secure investment which is not a very risky one. In effect, most Americans are ignorant of sound money management principles and don’t know what to do with their money except spend it. Frugal money management which makes a nation prosperous and secure is discouraged in almost every part of society and is not even taught in most schools.

A commonly held morality is very important. Not lying, not stealing, and no adultery are vital to moral family living.  Not only is lying and stealing bad because it breaks the bonding trust between humans but adultery and promiscuity often also leads to divorce and ending of a close mother father bonding relationship. If you can’t trust your spouse in a society which encourages much temptation and promiscuity then no lasting enduring and committed relationship is often possible in your private family sex life.

Good wholesome family male female role models are also necessary because most offspring learn by imitation or observance of how their parents interact. Single mother or single father families on welfare and elsewhere are bad male female family role models and makes it much less probable for offspring to have happy wholesome two parent families themselves. Divorced family life is also a killer of happy family relationships for offspring who don’t understand that a happy marriage can also be for a lifetime between male and female if you put in the right kind of effort.

Offspring from single parent homes and divorced homes are also bad child role models in school and in the neighborhood so not only parent role models are often bad but offspring role models are also frequently bad examples of what happy moral offspring should be. Add to this the almost total absence of wholesome role model families with offspring among celebrities, in soap operas, movies, TV, and videos and there is a dearth of good wholesome media family role models to imitate. Realistically, family life is just not one continuous form of entertainment which society pushes on us but a serious financially, morally responsible lifestyle which fewer and fewer experience first hand and end up imitating later in life.

Is it any wonder that the birth rate is the lowest it has ever been. Family life is an expensive lifestyle which requires much sacrifice of time, effort, and money per offspring which fewer and fewer Americans are willing to commit to. They not only don’t have enough money but often they don’t even have basic relationship and parenting skills necessary to be financially and morally responsible adults and raise financially and morally responsible offspring into adulthood. So a happy long lasting family life is fast becoming relatively scarce in the United States.

Add to this pessimistic family situation an abundance of very bad habits such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, promiscuity, profanity, compulsive shopping, etc. and you have a recipe for family and personal chronic dysfunctions. America is a sick society not only health wise with about 50% taking prescription drugs within a 30 day period but also sick financially, morally, politically, and behaviorally. I see no great immediate cure for all the human relationship problems which confront America. America has gotten much worse than just being a fat lazy ignorant society and desperately needs immigrant families willing to work hard and smart and raise responsible moral offspring.

Yes, I am a long duration optimist and see smart moral robot parents and software as human kind’s salvation. But that is not happening any time soon and society will have to descend into further chaos before smart robots or a moral human political tyranny takes over and returns society to some semblance of order and healthy wholesome two parent family living.

You can get cynical and claim that bad family life is the antidote to human overpopulation of the earth. Even though there is some truth to this fact, stable family relationships create social stability which is desirable in any prospering financially and morally sound nation.

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