The title is a current book by Mark R. Levin which covers the role of the press in the history of the United States. It is a real eye opener because it shows how the press worked hand in hand with political parties and was always biased to a certain extent politically.

Today the press is being increasingly dominated by one globalist ideology which favors big international banks, international corporations, and basically benefits the rich who are getting richer as the rest of the nation becomes poorer. The ideology currently in the name of Socialism will continue to decimate the middle class and threatens to make most of the nation predominantly a welfare class of relatively poor individuals with a low standard of living. The economic strength of the nation will be greatly reduced and it may end up in third world status along the way some day.

Academia, celebrities, big corporations, big media, and big government is overwhelmingly populated by democrats so the hotbed of this globalist ideology is the democratic party. The democrats continue their power grab by trying to ruin the reputation of humans who disagree with them politically with insults, put downs, name calling, humiliation, ridicule, black listing and essentially are engaged in as much censorship via the internet of opposing views as possible. The ultimate goal seems to be a one party nation which is brainwashed into subservience via the media and they hope to instill a fear of challenging the ruling party ideology.

Thank goodness we are still a ways from a one party nation with absolute control over our lives so there is still some hope that the globalist ideology will not reign supreme everywhere in the nation. Maybe technology and the technological elite will rescue us from an onslaught of one sided propaganda and a return to integrity, morality, and credibility in the media will occur but I am not holding my breath for this to happen any time soon.

We are currently in an era of pseudo or fake news and fake information in general. Will integrity, morality, and credibility be restored in the media which is quickly dying and is desperately trying to survive in an era of sound bites and short videos? Only time will tell and Trump is doing his share of the fighting the media with similar tactics of insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, and humiliation. The media bemoan the lack of civility but they are the primary cause of it in their tabloid like coverage of the news and hatred of Trump.

Mark Levin is one of the few smart humans who is trying to maintain a traditional view of the constitution with all of it’s protected rights or liberty for the individual and not the overwhelming collectivism of the left wing tyrannical ideology. I highly recommend his book.

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