When the internet began it was the days of the wild wild west where you could get all kinds of information for free which included books, music, movies, pictures, news, and blogs. You could comment almost anywhere and prowl the internet with fake ID’s and fake names. With the passage of time viruses, malware, Trojans, scams, spam, and bots started to take up more and more of the internet which has a flawed technology to begin with and no realistic foolproof vetting process.

Scam artists trying to make a quick buck invaded websites with self promoting info and promises of instant wealth. This quickly degraded the websites and caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the idealistic righteous few who erroneously thought that free participation would not lead to an overabundance of web human parasites out to make a quick buck.

In a period of about 7 years starting in 2012 my blog site has had over a million and a half spam comments that Askimet protected me against. Anonymity was another major reason why trust in the internet has reached an all time low with pretentious humans and pretentious ripoff scams.

Along with this chaos cell phones with apps began to make their mark as more information was packaged into brief soundbites, captivating images, and inescapable ads. The computer screen with a nice keyboard was being replaced by a mini screen with fingertip touch composing of messages and images.

Isolating customers from the worldwide web with easy access was done with cell phones with more and more internet companies limiting your potential experiences to selected apps and interests designed to appeal to your political persuasion and your topical interests. The cellphone was an information trap which most ventured into and limited your ability to choose new and better interests as you progressed through life. Siri and Alexa are just a few examples of big corporations filtering acceptable answers to questions posed by the public and putting blinders on to any divergent views or answers.

Today there are serious privacy issues and an emphasis on trustworthy websites. Censorship by social media and search engines is beginning to dominate and independent voices are gradually being suppressed. Much information now is no longer free and you are beginning to have to pay for almost any privilege on the internet such as publishing your articles on a website and viewing the published articles of others.

Only secure websites are being promoted and those are usually the ones making the most profit for themselves and the internet providers. Freedom of choice is drastically being limited and if you are a startup internet company then the chances that you will rapidly grow with millions of interested customers is highly improbable because you are a low human or enterprise on the priority list of most search engines.

Big money with profit as the primary focus is censoring all competitors who have minimal money for promotion purposes. Established companies are making a killing and competitors with a decent following are quickly bought up to avoid competition. If you are working on a shoestring budget with a novel and interesting new idea or business then chances are great that you will get minimal internet exposure with little growth opportunities.

The internet in its primal state was very democratic with potential worldwide exposure. Now the internet is mostly owned by big money interests and is rapidly decreasing in creativity and relevance to the creative community which is struggling to grow beyond a handful of loyal friends and supporters.

Relatively cheap and free information is quickly being changed into paid information and almost every website is trying to fund itself to keep alive and have some dubious presence on the money hungry internet.

The biggest tragedy is that monopolistic international information companies are beginning to censor minority political opinion in the name of an international globalist left wing ideology. Economic prosperity for the middle class is rapidly declining and most western nations are being threatened with a realistic third world status with a few rich at the top and the majority living at close to poverty level. It’s beginning to look a lot like a tyrannical ideological socialist or communist elite at the top and the rest mostly working slaves with minimal rights trying to stay economically afloat.

Yes, there are currently some populist rumblings against the globalist trend but I personally believe that the globalists with their great wealth will eventually triumph in the end and maintain their global world order based on money and a tyrannical ideology which will suppress most dissenters helped with a monopoly on media propaganda.

Maybe it is time to start a new internet where all the users are vetted as having good honest reputations with validated encrypted personal information. Good trustworthy websites with information from reputable vetted sources with no political ax to grind. Sounds like an impossible task but maybe someday such an internet will emerge. In an era of fake news, fake information, and fake reviews I think it is high time to try and reverse this unacceptable trend and enter an era of truthful news, truthful information, truthful reviews, and no ads unless you ask for them.

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