Many things attract and repulse humans from one another but the most important bond or attraction is trust between two or more humans. If you lie or steal from someone then they will not trust you and any hope for a close relationship and peaceful interactions is lost or destroyed.

In a family if you can’t trust your spouse or offspring then there is no happy family life. If you try to salvage the relationship it will only result in much misery and dissatisfaction and result in more than just a dysfunctional relationship. In effect, no good relationship is possible.

If you can’t trust your leaders then respect and admiration for them is lost and humans will try to survive without the help of the leadership as best that they can. If you can’t trust the media then they are no longer respected and their advice is not taken as valid for your existence.

The United States is undergoing a moral crisis. Fewer and fewer politicians are trusted, many celebrities and liberal arts professors are not trusted, the establishment media is not trusted by most, and many business leaders are not trusted because most feel that they are out to make money at their expense and don’t deliver quality products and services.

The resultant moral decay is felt worldwide and fewer and fewer nations trust the United States as being an effective worldwide police force to protect them against violent aggression. Tyrannies and Islam are spreading in an absence of moral and political democratic leadership from the west and American influence is waning.

Once trust is lost it is almost impossible to regain and will take more than just one generation to recover if even that is possible. Historically once an empire has lost control or disintegrates then the empire breaks up into competing smaller units which may or may not be reconsolidated into another empire.

The globalists are trying to rule the world with money and are succeeding to some extent but will only be able to truly rule the world with a moral ideology and not a corrupt distribution of wealth only. I have tried to give the globalists a secular moral code to guide their financial redistribution of wealth and it is- in non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

I predict a technological elite ruling the world in the not too distant future. Whether my prediction will come true is debatable but I think there is a great probability that it will happen if we don’t irreversibly and irresponsibly destroy biodiversity and the environment in the process.

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