Short term economic stimulus.

Minimum safety net for the unemployed, especially adult students.

Effectively a tax reduction for all working adults.


A large addition to the budget deficit.

An incentive for some to indulge in addictions such as drug use, gambling and an incentive to remain unemployed.

Effectively an increase in government welfare.


While some will wisely use the extra income to pay off student loans, pay for a mortgage loan, pay for additional education, and pay off some debt the majority will just squander most of it by just buying more relatively useless stuff. Some money is better than no money when unemployed so there is a minimum safety net for those financially handicapped.

If the basic income is $1000 a month then the yearly national debt will increase by about 2.4 trillion dollars if given to 200,000,000 adults. Definitely a staggering increase in the welfare system.

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