Big money is increasingly ruling the world internationally with international banks,  international corporations, and international internet or communications beginning to have more impact on the lives of humans than any one country or national organization. In almost every country this globalized money supply is impacting the political leadership of almost every country and a global ideology is beginning to form which is much more collective and tyrannical in nature.  Individual rights are being assaulted with more of an emphasis on group rights and group think or group ideology.  Putting it another way it is collective rights and collective thinking or collective ideology which is becoming more dominant.

Ironically in its beginning the internet held a promise of individual freedom of expression and individual creativity. With time, money and information power became concentrated in search engines, social media, cellphone companies, and internet commerce all of which now dominate the internet with relatively few corporations being major players and all being able to crush or buy up competitors to increase their profit margin which favors established monied companies which includes monied media companies. Discrimination based on money is rampant but more sinister is the ability to promote collective left wing ideology and censor right wing ideology which still promotes individual rights. It is beginning to look like the tyranny of big money power is being fused with the tyranny of thought control or censorship of politically incorrect thought which champions individual rights and moral or ethical individual free speech.

Economics is now largely a global phenomenon with international trade promoting the rich in every country and more power in the hands of the globally rich. Technology is also increasing the concentration of this money in the hands of the rich nationals and rich internationals but this would not be all bad if it weren’t for the fact that most of the rich have a tyrannical collectivist ideology which threatens to make most individuals little more than impoverished humans living on welfare or working for a pittance often not enough to support a family. This may be an effective form of population control but living an impoverished life seldom helps the culture of a nation to thrive.


Money power is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands worldwide, the individual is increasingly being oppressed financially and ideologically, and it becomes harder for one to climb the economic and social status ladder, especially if you start out at the poverty level. For all the members of the technologically educated and elite the future is bright but most jobs will be replaced by computer software and robots. A political and ideological revolution will be necessary to fit the new economic realities where most will not be technologically educated nor smart and ambitious enough so they will largely become dependent on some form of permanent government welfare.

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