In a globalist economy involving many nations it makes perfect sense that the corruption of government candidates for office and their relatives will potentially have corrupt international dealings in foreign countries. One can’t just limit the information in one country to follow the money which now flows across international borders. So money transfers are international and corruption exists in countries other than the United States. Can you effectively process international corruption from just one country of origin? No.

International law is now more important than ever and cooperation between governments is essential to weed out international corruption by nationals in foreign countries whether or not they have political connections. United States politicians and their relatives have international monetary connections and to root out any corruption the cooperation of foreign states is vital. Realistically this means providing corporate documents which reveal the amount of money made and the outflow of money across borders to foreign nationals.

Transparency is essential and the transparency of economic transactions of friends and relatives of politicians must be included in this international transparency. Corruption is now international in scope and being able to get transparent documents from any country is becoming vitally important.

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