Parents, teachers, business leaders, the establishment media, the FBI, judges, regional and local police, the military, religious leaders, politicians, and authority figures in general are having their reputations ruined by what can broadly be categorized as immoral or unethical behavior such as lying, stealing, and adultery.  Add to this very bad behavior such as excessive drinking, drug taking, promiscuity, pornography, gambling, compulsive shopping, etc. and you have a recipe for dysfunctional role models for parents, teachers, celebrities, politicians, etc.

There is a desperate attempt at maintaining some semblance of order out of the chaos with a ruthless left wing ideology which just exacerbates distrust because it tries to destroy politically incorrect views with emotionally charged insults, name calling, put downs, ridicule, and humiliation instead of rational debate and discussion which is the civilized non violent approach to confronting dissenting facts, views, opinions, and beliefs.

Without a moral or ethical rudder to maintain integrity and steer human behavior and decisions along rational paths, emotional insanity reigns supreme and concepts such as libel, slander, and deception which are just rules of moral or ethical free speech no longer apply.

On the bright side, when human authority figures are no longer respected then technological moral or ethical authority figures can play a larger role. Smart moral or ethical interactive audio visual computer instruction can replace dysfunctional parents and teachers and smart audio visual surveillance cameras can replace police officers to a large extent. Automation or robots can replace badly educated laborers who are doing relatively repetitive functions and even assist traditional highly educated professions with smart computer software and artificial intelligence. Yes, humans are increasingly badly educated but computers and robots will soon relatively easily replace most of the important functions which humans can do or were traditionally trained to do.

I personally see a bright future ahead of us but there will have to be a radical change in the economic systems of the world and the welfare programs which will have to handle a lot of dislocated workers who will be training for new jobs or will wind up on permanent welfare. A guaranteed national minimum income may be necessary to accommodate the under educated and those without adequate mental ability to function in a highly rational complex technological world of the future. Yes, a huge class of unemployed humans will populate the world but they will be living a relatively frugal lifestyle and maybe wilderness and wildlife will be saved in the process. Rule by the technological elite is coming down the pike if it is not here already to a large extent.

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