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The biggest problem with the internet since its inception has been that anyone can log on and use it while maintaining anonymity. The result has been an overabundance of spam, bots, phishing, malware, fake information, and unreliable information in general.

My 7 year blog has been the recipient of over a million and a half spam postings and approximately 50% of which are sights offering porn. My cellphone likewise is constantly deluged with spam and robot calls the more that I use it. It is time to put an end to all this information crap by letting only validated or authentic authorized humans surf the internet and use cellphones.

Facial recognition is only one form of ID which can be used but there is much more information which can be collected to validate and certify a human before they can use the internet. Yes, international cooperation will be necessary which is another fact which must be considered and dealt with.

Stolen ID’s are a problem which will have to be dealt with or fraudulent use of your ID is a serious possibility which will have to have efficient procedures to rectify any unauthorized usage.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, celebrities, and important humans are recognized by their faces so I am all for transparency for the common human and I don’t think that facial recognition is an invasion of privacy. Yes, technology is getting to the point where fake audio videos can be created to victimize innocent humans so ultimately your protection from these scam artists will be your community reputation or reputation in general.

The change will not happen overnight but it is time that we start on the road to more internet transparency for internet users and that includes transparency for corporate websites and their owners.

Internet corruption and corrupt usage of cellphones is rampant and the sooner we start to solve the problem the more hope there will be for a healthier more secure internet future.

Internet companies will have tremendous power over information and your personal lives too so formal redress of grievance procedures will have to be instituted to guard against censorship of your views, opinions, and political viewpoints. Safeguarding moral or ethical free speech will have to be a high priority in the near future or tyrannical oppression will reign supreme and there will be one tyrannical government ideology on the internet and all opposing views will be ruthlessly suppressed.

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