The immune system is a very complex interplay of chemical reactions in the body. If you want to have an optimal immune system then you should probably eat healthy organic food and drink if possible, get enough exercise or movement in your life, get plenty of rest or sleep, and get some social interaction with family and close friends if possible. If you are living this healthy lifestyle then your immune system will probably be functioning well unless you have some genetic defects or are living in a toxic environment.

But to understand immunology you really have to research the molecular level and find out which molecules are most important in your immune defense system. Whether you are talking about immunity to cancer, allergies, or some other diseases the molecular level is ultimately where specific cures may be found assuming that you are also living a healthy lifestyle. So the most progress in immunology will come when we understand how the body works in detail at the molecular level to maintain a healthy homeostasis.

This is why the main and only function of the MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY SOCIETY will be to fund basic research in molecular immunology.  Only about 10% of the donated money will be administrative costs and about 90% in grants to research scientists in the field who hopefully will use most of that money for research equipment and about 10% for their personal effort such as communicating with other research scientists which may be relevant to their field of interest in molecular immunology.

So the purpose of the MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY SOCIETY is not how to maintain or improve your immune system but its purpose is to find out how the immune system functions on the molecular level by giving scientists grants to pursue this vital knowledge with better equipment and networking.

If you think the above society is a good idea and have the time and money then steal my idea or at least give me some credit. If you want to join me in my quest to form a nonprofit organization with the above goals in mind then email me at  and let’s work together at making the MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY SOCIETY a reality.

I will be spending some of my free time researching this idea further and trying to eventually incorporate MOLECULAR  IMMUNOLOGY SOCIETY as a non profit.

Thanks. Uldis

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