One thing not so obvious is that with a global economy and international businesses worker salaries in the United States are just too high and all human intensive manufacturing industries are just going to flourish overseas, especially in third world countries. Manufacturing in the United States will soon become extinct unless roboticization takes hold and manufacturing in the United States becomes competitive world wide.

3D printing manufacturing on smaller scales is another possibility to cut manufacturing costs but this is just one subset or part of roboticization. Yes, the United States still produces an abundance of farm goods but this is not enough of an income for a sustainable economy which doesn’t run huge deficits.

The United States has an abundance of cheap energy like China so even with roboticization China will still be a strong competitor in manufacturing if it robotizes too. Like it or not the United States will have to transform its manufacturing infrastructure or it will only survive as a third world country in the future.

So what does the United States have to desperately do and as fast as possible? Start manufacturing goods and services that the rest of the world needs or wants. Failing to do so is already having disastrous effects on the economy and it will only get worse at an accelerating pace. How much longer can the United States go on consuming much more than it produces? Not very long!

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