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How do you impeach a president for high crimes and misdemeanors if there is no legal precedent or an established judicial procedure? In the Constitution the Congress has the right to oversight of the Executive Branch. Does that mean that the whole Congressional body including the minority representatives of the House of Representatives have a right to participate in drawing up articles of impeachment with subpoena power to gather evidence which may just be a fishing expedition or does the judicial committee of the House of Representatives have a right to draw up articles of impeachment and subpoena power to gather evidence which may not only be a fishing expedition but may also constitute a harassment of the executive branch if it goes on for an indefinite period of time?

Not having procedural rules and no legal precedents it seems that impeaching a president is purely a political combative process without a judicial foundation. The media is at the forefront of the political battle with the aim of getting a public consensus on the politically motivated impeachment process. The rule of law does not realistically exist with an accused party without seemingly the ability to defend itself against unspecified articles of impeachment.

A morass of unproved allegations and assorted BS is what the media is presenting with no factual evidence. How many unproven allegations can you make before you become the laughing stock of the public for harassment of the executive branch? No audio or visual evidence of a crime and no testimony under oath by
“reputable” officials in public. Is impeachment even possible in private without full transparency where redactions are made in the interest of national security?

So we have a paradox or an unanswerable question. How do you impeach a president without legal procedure precedents and no audio or visual evidence of a crime or misdemeanor? If the evidence is sworn oaths by “reputable” government officials then how do you eliminate possible political bias, vengeful statements, or intentional lies?

Government is exercised by fallible humans trying to follow the law as it is written. Insert fallible, morally questionable humans following unwritten laws and you have utter chaos which is what we are witnessing in the current impeachment process.

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