The internet by definition can’t ensure absolute privacy. Since communication is sending a signal from point A anywhere on the earth to point B, C, D, etc. it is possible to intercept the signal between two points or at the points themselves and decode the signal whether encrypted or not. So no absolute privacy is possible although there are degrees of privacy possible depending on the type of signal such as a pulsed and encoded signal with a high degree of privacy, an encoded or smooth uninterrupted signal with some privacy possible, and a standard signal with minimum privacy such as a passworded signal.

So if you want almost absolute communication privacy then don’t use the internet.

Constitutionally in the United States your right to privacy can only be overridden with a warrant authorized by a judge so unless it is a bot judge or a real judge the ultimate question is-is the judge ideologically unbiased, moral and not an immoral, severely biased, or criminal one?

In the age of international communication a serious question to ask is are the humans in charge of the internet moral or immoral judges, bots, or humans? In the case of communications between China and the United States the morality of the Chinese judges (communist party members) with a potential to be enemies in the future comes into question as well as the judges in the United States if they have a left or right wing ideology to promote or a financial interest to promote.

Thus the question of internet privacy ultimately covers the importance of the ideology and morality of those in control of the internet. If the internet is controlled by the immoral and ideological biased humans then you may have to live in constant fear of financial or societal destruction if you are not ideologically pure and have much money and property to lose. So a just commonly held ideology or constitution and commonly held morality or set of commonly held ethical principles is vital to the just functioning of the world of the internet.

It is not surprising that the Russian tyranny may be considering to cut itself off the internet entirely so it can keep its citizens in line without the potential for revolting.

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