To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

The international banks and corporations are internationalists by nature and need a global ideology to solidify their control over national governments. As long as private property is protected in most parts of the world a true communist ideology without property rights will probably not be instituted any time soon.

China is perhaps the only country left which has some financial national autonomy but it is already tied into the international money transfer system and needs it to survive financially in the short run and maybe even in the long run. I think it is just a matter of time before China is forced to obey international monetary rules within the nation also but I am not holding my breath.

No national borders with an interracial mix within a nation is what destroys a national cultural identity and this is promoted by the global ideology. Weak nations with severe personal and national debt is what keeps the power in the hands of the international monied class. Profit from vice businesses is encouraged as well as family breakdown is promoted to reduce reproduction rates. A moral vacuum is created and makes a country ripe for eventual takeover by a tyrannical form of government pushing the international ideology.

Ultimately what is desired is an international tyranny with control over the money supply of the world and a tyrannical ideology to suppress any possible rebellion from the masses of the world. Once individual rights such as the Bill of Rights is eliminated, tyrannical rule will become absolute and there will be no resistance from an unarmed populace.

Will the United States lose its international monetary and human rights clout eventually? Probably, but fortunately I will probably not live to see that day. If anything will save the United States from just becoming another third world power it is continued immigration into the United States of the best brains in the world. Whether the best brains in the world will want to continue to immigrate into the United States with a much lower standard of living is debatable but it is worth a try.

Conclusion: The international monied class is alive and well with no signs that it is losing its power internationally.

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