Why do humans have sex?

The two primary reason humans have sex is that it is usually pleasurable and some want to reproduce or have children. Yes, things like a dry vagina and sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and chlamydia can cause painful sex and cause sterility in females so unprotected sex with strangers can be devastating on occasion. Some females or males who can’t reproduce the natural way sometimes have to undergo in vitro fertilization or wind up adopting children.

Some women don’t enjoy sex that much because there is inadequate clitoral stimulation before and during sex or the husband may suffer from premature ejaculation. In these unfortunate instances the wives usually have sex mostly because their husbands want it and it keeps peace in the family.

What is human sex?

For normal natural human sex usually there is some sexual foreplay followed by thrusts of the penis within the vagina. Then there is deviant sex or kinky sex where there is anal penetration by the penis, cock sucking, slapping, hitting, or pinching, licking of the labia, use of dildos, penis desensitizer salves, etc. Frankly this is usually done by humans who are getting a little bored with regular or standard copulation and foreplay which is just mostly kissing, hugging, stroking or petting, and endearing words.

Who has sex?

While normal sex is usually between a male and female there are deviant forms of sex which include same sex partners, threesomes, and the ultimate deviance or an orgy which is really group sex. There is also sex with children or pedophilia which is illegal in most countries and further sexual deviance such as bestiality which is sex with an animal. Some who don’t have a sexual partner or want a more attractive one pay for sex with prostitutes who are usually female but can also be male. Masterbation, pornography, and sex robots are for those who want sex without a live partner and usually when no live partner is available.

Where is sex done?

Sex is done almost anywhere except in public although this has been tried also. Usually sex is performed at home in bed but there are many other neverending places such as in the shower, on the floor, in the car, in a boat, in a plane, underwater, on the beach, in the woods, in orbit, etc.

When is sex performed?

Just before bedtime is probably when sex is done more often but frankly you can have sex any time of day or night.

How much sex does one have?

There are sexual addicts who have to have sex many times a day but for most humans once a high frequency of sex with a new partner runs its course sex is a very individual thing and it can range from once a day to once a week or month. In old age, unless you are using erectile dysfunction medication, the sex may be once a year or none at all.

How do humans have sex?

Some perform sexual acts alone or masturbate and there are even sex robots who are your partners when real humans are not available. You can have sex alone or with more than one partner broadly stated as group sex. There are physical sexual aids such as dildos and bondage items for the deviant. Then there are sex enhancements which are sometimes drugs designed to enhance the pleasure of an orgasm or sexual act. There are desensitizers for the penis designed to prolong the ejaculation point. There are even sex swings to make sex thrusts easier to do.

Why is birth control so important?

Most couples can no longer afford big families so birth control is essential. A condom is smart but even here sexually transmitted diseases are still transmitted with relative ease if sex is performed before marriage with a diseased partner. Vasectomies can sometimes help in birth control after having enough offspring but mistakes can be made without a form of birth control and pregnancy can still happen so and abortion may be necessary if the unwanted offspring is not given over to adoption. Morning after pills which abort a fertilized egg are also good emergency forms of birth control if you get seriously drunk and realize you are probably pregnant and don’t want a child.

The only unfortunate thing about birth control pills and uterine inserts is that they can impair fertility in the long duration so there is some danger in using artificial forms of birth control. I practiced coitus interruptus successfully without using a condom and succeeded in family planning of offspring.


Sex is big business and all the promoted deviance and promiscuity is having a damaging effect on family life. Promiscuity can become a bad habit which marriage won’t cure. Traditional natural sex with natural foreplay such as stroking, petting, kissing, hugging, and endearing words is no longer considered adequate by many. Sexual standards have been set by society so high that many feel inadequate when performing sex primarily meant for successful reproduction in nature.

Nature considers prolonged sex an unnecessary luxury for reproduction so natural sex seldom lasts more than a couple of minutes. The result of unnatural pornographic artificially extended copulation has been an unhealthy unrealistic obsession with sex by too many which helps to handicap the social fabric and has a tendency to ruin family life with too many searching for the ideal sex partner. Too many males and females feel like inadequate sexual partners and fall for penis enlargement scams and quite a few females have silicon breast enlargement implants and cosmetic surgery.

Few understand that happy married life should often mean more than just great sex. If your sex is not that great adultery is almost never the answer. A financially responsible, trustworthy, loving and caring personality is often more important for a lasting marital relationship.

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