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In this July 17, 2019, photo, President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at Williams Arena in Greenville, N.C. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Unconventional describes Trump from the beginning. Trump is a real estate tycoon with TV celebrity status but no official political experience in running for or serving in local or state government. With his celebrity status, charismatic personality, demeanor, organizational skill, oratory skill, and personal wealth he miraculously managed to win an election and became president of the United States against all odds.

He fought the Republican establishment and won, fought the Democratic establishment and won, and now is in a battle with the establishment media and Democrats and hopes to win again in 2020.

Since almost his first day in office as president, the media along with the Democrats have tried to remove him from office and he fought back for about 2 and a half years and escaped prosecution for alleged collusion with Russia. Some of his associates like Manafort wound up in jail for illegal behavior having nothing to do with Trump personally.

Trump has been accused of many illegalities such as using campaign funds to pay off women who claimed to have had sexual relations with him, accused of allegedly extorting dirt on Biden by withholding military aid to Ukraine, obstructing justice, lying thousands of times to the public, using the presidency to enrich his personal wealth and status, and generally doing many things which are allegedly illegal and unbecoming of a president. So far, no illegalities have been proven to be serious crimes and misdemeanors with actual irrefutable evidence.

Now Trump is fighting against a frame up by an unknown whistleblower with political bias and an impeachment inquiry process heavily Democratically biased. There are serious constitutional questions being raised about the functioning of and the powers of the Executive branch versus the House of Representatives
Democrat majority during an attempted impeachment process. The constitution unfortunately doesn’t have answers to an impeachment process and there is a dearth of legal precedent to consult in how to proceed with impeachment.

How do you make the impeachment process fair to both the Executive and Legislative branch? The constitution has no firm answers so everyone, especially political pundits, are pontificating on the impeachment process by impulse not with any actual real knowledge.

Trump’s leadership style is authoritarian and he expects loyalty from his subordinates. His one weakness is that he is not very good at listening to top advisers, questioning them, reaching a consensus, and then organizing follow through with the Congress. He doesn’t always seem to trust the advice of his advisors and is especially wary of the deep state leadership and bureaucratic leadership, especially those appointed during the Obama era. Just like during his TV show, the Apprentice, he has fired or relieved many in leadership positions and has tried to install some with hopefully some loyalty to him.

Trump’s unorthodox leadership style in the presidency has made him unpopular with the establishment and the absence of civility in his rhetoric has infiltrated the media as it becomes more tabloid in style with its own dose of deceptions, fake news, severe criticism, insults, name calling, put downs, ridicule, and humiliation. As a result of this no holds bared battle with Trump the public at large no longer knows what to believe and is largely tuning off to political concerns. If you can’t trust the president or the media or the Democrats and many Republicans then who can you trust?

Trump continues to fight against the establishment by trying to secure borders, trying to withdraw military forces from abroad such as from Syria and Afghanistan, trying to create friendly relationships with Russia and North Korea, imposing tariffs and trying to cure a massive trade imbalance with nations such as China, trying to get nuclear and military behavioral concessions from Iran, trying to get other nations to pay more for United States military presence abroad, cutting corporate taxes and trying to get companies to invest more in the United States, and generally trying to regain what greatness the United States had historically.

There is no doubt that Trump is an unconventional maverick who is not going to change much while in the presidential office. Being very different is something the status quo establishment isn’t very fond of. Judging by the disarray in the Democratic candidates for president, it seems on the surface that Trump has succeeded in almost destroying the Democratic leadership single handedly.

The internet has atomized society and also the leadership of both political parties. A recurrence of the Trump celebrity phenomenon is no longer possible after the demise of establishment MASS media who historically used to play a major role in presidential success. Without a mass media whom most of the population listens to, it is virtually impossible for a relatively obscure politician to reach national prominence in the eyes of the public. Whether this media failure in propaganda control over the public is a good or bad thing is debatable but one thing is sure. Overwhelming national public consensus on one political leader is becoming almost mission impossible and that is the state of the presidency today.

How this presidential battle will end and when is a debatable question as Trump continues to wage war in his unconventional style, making politics very unconventional too in the process. Whether the Trump phenomenon is a good or bad thing in the long duration is debatable but one thing is sure. Politics will probably never be the same again.

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