Competing with international corporations is almost impossible today since there are no international taxation rules and national corporations have too much clout with politicians and the government. The only realistic way to compete with monopolies and big corporations is to make small businesses as profitable or more profitable than big business. This still means passing government laws which will stimulate small business growth which may be almost impossible to do since big money runs the government. Even very low taxes for small business may not be that competitive because some of the largest corporations pay no tax at all due to loopholes in the law.

Amazon is decimating traditional retail businesses and Uber and Lyft are decimating private taxi ownership. Big tech is so big that it squeezes out the small competitors and even seems to be putting a globalist media ideology in control much to the dismay of small media groups. Big corporate monopolies are taking over the country and world and soon they will be able to ask whatever they want money wise for their services. It is a scary thought that many small businesses may disappear from the economic scene in the not too distant future.

Ideally it would be nice if small businesses with approximately 100 million in revenue would be taxed only 1% on their gross income assuming that they do not produce any toxic materials which are released into the environment. Organic food businesses should not be taxed at all to stimulate a healthy food supply for the masses.

Ultimately taxation can be used to promote things or to destroy them so it is up to the smart politicians to stimulate lower taxation where it counts the most, or in small businesses which employ most of the labor force. Yes, revenue from businesses will be minimal and most taxes will come from taxing the salaries of workers which is as it should be given the fact that the biggest corporations pay no tax at all and it is highly unlikely that they will pay significant taxes in the foreseeable future.

Frankly big business is in the driver’s seat and little if anything can be done to change this monopoly situation in the distant future. Even when small businesses start to become competitive big money buys them out and it is big business as usual after the consolidation.

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