It is an accepted truism that the most efficient way to weed out corruption is to follow the money with financial transparency. It is hard enough trying to follow the money in national corporate and individual transactions but how in the world do you follow the money internationally and weed out international corruption?

Unethical sweet heart deals for family members and friends of prominent politicians are hard enough to trace nationally but international sweet heart deals are extremely hard to trace without the cooperation of foreign nations. The constitution and national laws are hard enough to enforce but how do you prosecute international corruption without the cooperation of corrupt or adversary foreign governments?

Yes, financial transparency is vital in weeding out national corruption but how do you get international financial transparency? The international court of law is a joke and seldom if ever gets involved in international corporate bribery scandals. Investigative reporting is also dying with the corporate domination of the establishment media which is not very eager to investigate powerful national and international corporations. You can seriously ask this important question with no present answer: How is future international corruption of politicians and corporate leaders going to be investigated and ultimately prosecuted?

The most recent example of international nepotism corruption is the Hunter Biden ethical corruption scandal. Thanks mostly to the political influence of Joe Biden who was vice president in the White House, Hunter Biden, his son with dubious credentials, was able to get nicely paid by the corrupt Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma. A Chinese company with Hunter Biden on the board of directors moved more than 2.5 billion dollars into various automotive, technology, energy, and mining endeavors in the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal Hunter Biden served as one of the nine directors of BHR Partners which is a private equity firm 80% mandated by shareholders in the Chinese communist government.

Corruption thrives in a veil of secrecy and without an international FBI and international investigative journalism the corrupt veil of international secrecy is here to stay on into the foreseeable future. In an age of global economics, the world desperately needs international financial transparency but the ethical dilemma is-how do you get it?

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