If you want to start a small business then an internet website is a necessity. The internet is changing rapidly and website rules of the past no longer apply. Many humans are switching from computers to cellphones exclusively and phone apps are now the accepted format to gain a noticeable and viable presence on cellphones.


Search engine optimization or SEO on Google changes constantly and the richest websites bid for keyword priority so your chances of being found or being a priority on Google with a new website are miniscule.


Emails as a way of communicating with customers is riddled with problems with scam emails making up about 90% of all emails. Each email and comments nowadays have to be filtered or put in moderation so that nefarious individuals or trolls can’t damage your reputation with shitty or malicious comments.


Most businesses have to change the information on their websites from time to time so that updates have to be made by professionals who know what they are doing. Web design by professionals is a must but so is the maintenance of the website. Gone are the days when you could manage your website information on your own with minimal knowledge.


You have to have a presence on social media but Facebook is no longer a good place to advertise since big money websites have priority and most of your ad money will be wasted. With Google and Facebook catering to big money a new poorly financed website is a drop in the bucket for them and that means that you are very low or non existent on their priority list.


Let’s take Chipolte the Mexican Grill restaurant as an example of what the rich big boys are doing on the web. Chipolte has an excellent website where the hours, map, telephone and menu are posted in a readily viewed format. It has an app where you can order online and with sufficient volume of customers they may even in the near future provide almost free delivery of their food since this is a modern trend to send products to your address. You can order online and pick up your order in person with no wait time.


Chipolte has a huge presence on the web where other websites like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have links to the Chipolte website or information about it. Try to create a website with all these great features and you will wind up paying an arm and a leg for web design and maintenance on a small customer volume of a new business. Customers are expecting all the services which big business can provide and if you are a small business first starting out, the expense of providing this great service and customer interaction is prohibitive and you may be doomed to live in obscurity on the web almost forever unless you start out with great word of mouth advertising from the beginning.


The overwhelming modern trend is to order online and have the product, information, or service delivered to your home. Fail at making this a seamless process a reality and you risk great failure and depletion of your capital resources.


Physical location location and a good product, information, or service was the key to new small business success in the good old days. Today location location on the web is just as important a priority for your venture capital. Oh, so far I have omitted the great importance of a unique appealing brand identity which you should have to seriously consider before you launch a small business.


If all the above information seems discouraging to someone on a shoestring budget then that was my aim. As always you need much money to start a realistic small business and if you have not saved up enough money and acquired enough useful knowledge to make it for the first five years or more then you should not even start on the road to business entrepreneurship. That is the tough truth about small business internet or digital marketing.

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