The article found by Googling 69 tips which are attractive to women is very comprehensive but is not designed for only responsible male female relationships. Yes, these tips are mostly for gigolo type males who are not really interested in settling down which is what most women want to eventually do. You can use these tips to lead a promiscuous life but sooner or later a family is really one of the main purposes in a heterosexual relationship.

If you want a family and a good female mate then these 12 tips are the most important ones to consider.

Having money:

Almost every woman wants the security of not having to worry too much about money matters and hopes to one day be able to afford some of the nicer things or conveniences in life such as a nice home, good neighborhood, eating out, some travel, etc.


Having a good or powerful job:

Many smart women are status conscious to some extent and want to feel some pride in their husbands so it helps if you have a good paying job or are a powerful CEO of a corporation.


Being moral with integrity:

If you are habitually honest and morally sound or have integrity then chances are you will not commit adultery or cheat on your spouse.


Being trustworthy:

Having integrity, dependability, and an earned good reputation usually means that you can be trusted and trust is an essential value to have in any close relationship, especially a marital one. Lie more than a few times about important things and the relationship will end or be incredibly dysfunctional.


Being competent:

Being competent at a job is a necessity but competence also extends to parenting and social relationships.


Being ambitious with a purpose in life that includes offspring and other mutual benefits:

Having future laudable goals such as offspring, a better job, a bucket list of things to do at least once in life, and motivating and supporting your spouse in her laudable ambitions is very important in a long duration relationship.


Having optimistic confidence:

If you are optimistically confident then chances are you are leading a relatively happy life and happiness and optimism is contagious.


Being open to new learning experiences:

Few things are more tragic than a stagnating relationship where neither partner is improving in some way through selfeducation or exposure to new useful experiences.


Being vulnerable or having a realistic appraisal of one’s weakness or imperfections:

No one is perfect and if you admit to some of your drawbacks then you become more real or more endearing to a woman.


Being healthy and attractive:

First impressions are important and if you radiate health, dress well, and have good hygiene then it is a definite plus.


Having emotional control:

Being high strung, too emotional, or being too argumentative are not good traits to have as a male or female.

Being a good conversationalist and expressing true interest in what interests your potential mate and motivating her to pursue those interests further is a big plus.

Interest wanes if a couple can’t have a good conversation about likes and dislikes, about daily experiences, short and long term goals, and wholesome conversations about family, friends, and the experiences of others.



In a nutshell- If you have integrity, are dependable, trustworthy, have money, are competent, confident, friendly, like children, and are a good conversationalist then you are more likely to attract a smart attractive woman.

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